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Guinea keets producers
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Couvoir Pintabo: Guinea fowl enthusiasts
Founded in 2000, the Couvoir Pintabo is the only federal hatchery  in Canada specializing in day-old guinea keets, destined for breeders  across Canada  and Northern United States, as well as for country-style dining.

The family-owned business, established in Saint-Germain-de-Grantham, near Drummondville, Québec, also breeds guinea fowl for its meat. A refined product by excellence, guinea fowl is sold whole-fresh or frozen.

Since its earliest beginnings, the Couvoir Pintado has put quality first without compromise, by importing a type A1 flock of guinea fowl for breeding from France.

In total, two poultry houses, one exclusively dedicated to guinea fowl breeding and the second for guinea fowl meat farming, and a hatchery are necessary for the smooth running of operations.

The reproduction method used is artificial insemination which allows for the production of guinea fowl year round. The owners have developed their expertise with Galor, one of the largest guinea poult producers in France.

Guinea fowl eggs are placed in an incubator and hatch after 28 days. Over 100,000 guinea keet are hatched each year in a certified hatchery and under federal inspection.

When the guinea fowl are a day old, they are sent to breeding farms .

  • First quality products: The facilities hold a federal certification, guaranteeing the best breeding conditions.

  • No customs charges: Not so long ago, Canadian breeders needed to get their guinea fowl from the United States.

  • Very competitive prices: Lower costs are related to proximity and production capacity.

  • Quick delivery: The orders for guinea keets are made in advance. Immediately after their release from the “Hatcher,” the birds are delivered.

The owners, Danick and Diane, are proud to have the largest guinea fowl hatchery  in Canada.

Couvoir Pintado is proud to have the guinea keets supplier Galor as its partner.


Put perches for the sake of guinea fowl


Put barriers in the corners to avoid stacking


Put a electric steel wire over  the feeders

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The production of guinea poults of the new reproducers is excellent!!!!  For this reason we opened availabilities earlier.

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